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Immunity from liability

1. Content of online offer

Writer does not offer any warranty about currency, eompleteness or quality of the information prepared. Damages for mental and material anguish may not be claimed in the event information offered is use d or not used against the writer or if ineomplete or inaecurate information is used, unless writer is indebted as a result of gross negligence or malice.
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2. Warnings and links

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Writer states that illegal content is not visible on the page to be applied when creating alink. Writer is not influential on present or future content or writing in the linked page. Therefore, after a link is created, writer does not have anything to do with the amended content inside the linked pages . This determination applies to all links and warnings contained in the internet
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4. Confidentiality policy
If it is possible to enter personal or commercial information into internet offer (e-mail address, name, address) then, disclosure of such information by user depends on demand of user. Use and payment of all services used -if technically possible and it can be claimed - is possible without data or under anonymous data or under a nickname .

5. Validity ofimmunity from liability
Immunity from this liability should be considered a part of the internet offer . If some portions of statements conceming existing legal situation or separate explanations are not appropriate, are not longer appropriate or are not fully appropriate in this text, remaining parts of the document will not be affected by this fact with their validity and content