Information about entry may be recorded by visiting the website of the provider (time, date, pages visited) . These are not personal data and theyare rendered anonymous. Theyare used for statistical purposes alone. They will not be disclosed to the third parties for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Personal data will be deleted by the provider only if it is expressly specified in the communication form. Those deleted data will be used only for resolution of demand alone. Your data will be locked only after a complete resolution is brought and they will be deleted after end of tax and commercial law rules, unless data use beyond such use has been certainly approved.

Provider expressly states that there are security gaps during transmission of data via internet (e.g., communication by e-mail) and will not be able to deter access by the third persons.

Data contained in the identification tag of the web are not definitely demanded for advertisement purposes, unless provider has given a written consent or there is a commercial relationship. Provider and all persons listed in this website object to commercial use of data and transmittance of the data to the others.