General business terms

1 Validity / Contract relationship

1.1 These general business terms of Allround Logistics Limited Company apply to all contracts conceming provision and forwarding of the parcels , even if theyare not to be carried and unless any other legal obligation has been specified .

1.2 Parties to contracts are employers and a partner of Allrond Logistics Limited Company that takes delivery of and undertakes to carry the parcels. Shipment will be realized via transportation system of Allround Logistics Limited Company or by the third parties appointed . Contract will be executed after taking delivery of a pareel at the latest.

2 parcels

2.1 Parcels will be forwarded according to the dimensions and weights specified below:

  • Maximum weight 31,5 kg
  • Maximum length 175 cm
  • maximum band * : 300 cm

*diameter (two-fold width + two-fold height) + length .

2.2 What employer is responsible for is internal and extemal packaging and marking the pareel . While carrying, it should be suitable for automatic stripping facility of package, if necessary, it should be suitable climatic conditions its mechanic envelope should be retained ( from aminimum diagonally drop height of 80 ) and it should be impossible to get access to its content without a trace.

3 Parcel-Letter

3.1 Parcel-Letter are letters or dispatches similar to letters (e.g., catalogue, brochure, notices with the same content etc.). These have adequate coating and are protected against forced carriage, addresses on them are enough, theyare sent along with the things sent depending on the content of delivery, unless they have a commercial value, e.g. sample products or specımens.

3.2 Parcel-Letter shipment takes place only within borders ofFederal Republic of Germany.

3.3 Parcel-Letter should comply with the following dimensions and weight:

3.3.1 the smallest format DIN A 5

3.3.2 the smallest format A5 (14,8 x 21 cm) Maximum length 36 cm, maximum width: 25 cm, maximum height: 5 cm weight: More than 50 g and up to 1.000 g

3.3.3 When these dimensions and weights are exceeded, dispatch may be considered in the category of pareel and may be calculated accordingly. Forwarding of the pareel will be realized according to the business terms that apply to the same.

3.4 This service covers the following :

3.4.1 Ensuring that Parcel-Letters are carried, taking delivery of , transferring, shipping the same and sending back those that have not be en delivered. Parcel-Letters that have not been delivered to recipients and Parcel-Letters with only post box are deemed Parcel-Letters that have not been delivered

3.5 Parcel-Letters may be optionally delivered in the method deseribed below :

* delivering to post box,
* deliyering to a suitable spot,
* delivering to the recipient ,
* unless there are doubts about the authorized recipient by delivering to someone who happens to be at the delivery address

4 Not being included in transportation

4.1 The following will not be included in the transportation:

4.1.1 All parcels that do not comply with the product specifications contained in paragraph 2;

4.1.2 precious metals, noble metals, genuine jewelry, genuine pearls, antiques and works of art in particular;

4.1.3 money, documents, certificates, movable properties, credit, check and telephone cards or comparable valuable papers;

4.1.4 Coupons or entry passes with a value in excess of 520 Euros;

4.1.5 Furs, carpets, watches, the other jewelry, and leather products with a value per piece in excess of 520 Euros;

4.1.6 the other cargoes with a value in excess of 13 .000 Euros ;

4.1.7 the parcels of which content, shipment or extemal format violate the legal requirements;

4.1.8 Fire arms which comply with German law on fire arms or legal descriptions of destination country or transit countries;

4.1.9 Parcels that may cause personal injury or property loss, cargoes that can decay quickly, livestock or dead animals, medical or biological re search materials, medical wastes, human or animal corpses, body parts or organs ;

4.1.10 Hazardous materials, unless a special contract has been concluded with the respective person;

4.1.11 Goods to be carried and value COD Unless a special contract has been concluded with the employer;

4.1.12 Shipment cargoes shipped cross-borders which are forbidden or require special permit pursuant to destination countries, transit countries or import or export regulations or target countries.

4.2 Allround Logistics Limited Company is entitled to reject forwarding, if Allround Logistics Limited Company has been informed for shipment exclusion and is in the opinion that certain parcels must not be forwarded according to paragraph 4.1 . In such cases, Allround Logistics Limited Company, if situation justifies it, is entitled to notify the employer of such goods and evaluate the same at the employer's account or destroy the same in order to prevent the hazards.

4.3 it does not mean that those goods received apart from paragraph 4. ı will not be excluded from delivery.

4.4 Employer is responsible for goods to be carried except for paragraph 4. ı or notices served according to paragraph 8.3 , alllegally arranged situations as well as direct or indirect losses that may arise .

5 Service scope

5.1 Service covers the following

5.1.1 Ensuring that goods are forwarded by the carriers, received, an envelope is provided and pack is delivered;

5.1.2 In the event recipient is not found in the address, a second or, if necessary, a third delivery attempt is done;

5.1.3 A delivery is done to the recipient found at the delivery address, it is not required to check ID of such person if there are not good reasons to believe that there are doubts about authority of such person to take delivery of the cargo (e.g. birth certificate );

5.1.4 Those parcels that have not been accepted or delivered will be retumed to employer.

5.2 According to CMR (international convention on contract for transportation on roads ) or Warsaw agreement /Montreal acknowledgement, value or relevance declaration will not be taken into consideration.

6 Delivery time

Delivery times have not been agreed upon.

7 Service Fee

If different comparisons have not been made, service fees listed in the applicable price list of the party that has undertaken the job will apply. The prices effective on the date when duty has been assigned will apply to a great extent.

8 Duty of cooperation

8.1 Appropriate addressing and adding address as well as shipment documents are duties of the employer. Post box address or automatic devices are not suitable for taking delivery of the parcels.

8.2 For the purpose of shipment of the parcels that are subject to customs duty, employer must attach documents necessary for custom s transactions to document compartment of the pareeL.

8.3 Before shipment, employer must check the dispatch for goods that are excluded form shipment according to paragraph 4.1 and must inform Allround Logistics Limited Company. In case of doubt, Allround Logistics Limited Company should provide information and decision should be made by Allround Logistics Limited Company.

9. Value declaration

Employer must declare if value of pack is in excess of 520,00 Euros according to provisions of paragraph 4.1 and 5.2 without prejudice to the transportation exceptions. If its value is in excess of 520,00 Euros, the person who has accepted the job will decide whether or not the pareel will be transacted and , if it is to be transacted, how it will be shipped.

10 Opening, retums, evaluation and destruction of the parcels

10.1 Deliveries or dispatches retumed are not possible due to reasons such as lack of address, incomplete sender details or the other reasons, Allround Logistics Limited Company may open the pareel in order to identify the employer or recipient.

10.2 Allround Logistics Limited Company may open the parcels, when necessary

10.2.1 so that custom s transactions may be carried out;

10.2.2 so that hazards conceming parcels that have not been delivered to respective persons or have not been accepted can be deterred;

10.2.3 if those parcels that have not been delivered or accepted may not be retumed , its content and value may be inspected for evaluation or destruction.

10.3 Pareel may be opened if the employer failed to provide Allround Logistics Limited Company with the incomplete information for the parcels that will be subject to customs transactions within 14 calendar days or for the other parcels within 7 calendar days upon written or oral demands . Parcels may be opened immediately without waiting for the specified period of time in order to prevent threats or in the event of a possible decaying or due to the other similar reasons .

10.4 If the pareel may not be retumed to the employer although pareel has been opened according to paragraphs 10.1 and 10.2, Allround Logistics Limited Company is entitled to evaluate the product inside the pareeL. If that is not possible, Allround Logistics is entitled to destroy the product unless there is another legal requirement.

11 Costs

11.1 For the purpose of retums from the overseas, costs are individually at the account of the employer.

11.2 Expenditures for the dispatches to be imported / exported (e.g., custom duties and import tax ) are charged against the recipient .
Debt of the employer against the party that has undertaken the job will not be handled for this transaction.

11.3 Employer must indemnify Allround Logistics Limited Company for all costs that may arise in the event of opening and lor evaluation and lor destruction of the parcels according to the paragraphs 10.2 and 10.3.

11.4 If Service fees, expenses or expenditure are to be paid by the foreign recipient or caused by the same, then, employer must indemnify these amounts, unless these costs are paid by the foreign recipient following the first demand.

12 Liability

12.1 If there is no gross negligence and malice , the party that has undertaken the job is responsible as follows from taking delivery to delivery:

12.1.1 In the event goods are lost or damaged during the shipment within Germany, special drawing right in the amount of 8,33 at the most per kilogram within its gross weight (SZR) . Depending on level of damage, liability has been limited as 1 million Euro per kilogram at the most and 2 SZR per kilogram as aminimum. Whichever amount is higher;

12.1.2 Losses or damages that take place in the international shipments are handled according to CMR determinations on road traffic (contracts for transportation on roads and respective international agreements) and Warsaw agreement i Montreal Convention determinations for carriage by air;

12.1.3 Indirect damages that may be caused on the goods are exeluded. According to artiele 433, Commercial Code, the other materiallosses which must be undertaken by the person that has undertaken the job are limited to the three-fold of the amount payable in the event of loss of the goods, yet the maximum amount paid per damage is 1000.000 Euros. Paragraph 3, Artiele 431 is not applied

12.2 Liability for loss or destruction of the parcels is exeluded from situations that are specified in the law, if

12.2.1 carriage of these is exeluded form paragraph 4,1, if the employer has failed to notify the same according to paragraph 8.3 and if this is not obvious for Allround Logistics Limited Company. Allround Logistics Limited Company is not obliged to conduct aresearch;

12.2.2 If the loss has be en caused by the action or negligence of the employer, recipient or assisting person.

13 Insurance
13.1 Every pareel is insured, if Allround Logistics Limited Company is liable pursuant to paragraph 12 (Allround Logistics insurance ). Such insurance is limited to 520 Euros per pareel and includes liability according to paragraph 12.

13.2 A higher insurance coverage is possible within framework of Allround Logistics insurance up to 13.000 Euros per pareel with each pareel being insured at 500 Euros in return for the premiums to be paid by the employer.

13.3 For the purpose of pareel dispatch within Europe, depending on the size given by the employer, higher insurance may be agreed upon for entire pareel volume, partial volume or fort he individual parcels as a result of contract after parcels are received at the Iate st . For the purpose of pareel dispatches outside Europe, high insurance may be agreed upon as a result of
an agreement with the person who will undertake it.

13.4 Insurance beyond liability is in favor of the employer. Claims deri ve d form this may not be assigned to the third persons.

13.5 Parcels beyond the liability as deseribed in paragraph 12 have been excluded form Allround Logistics Limited Company insurance and there are different insurance coverage for them.

14 Right of bartering / retention

Employer is not entit1ed to barter claims of the person who has undertaken the job or may not validate a right of retention. This does not apply for claims that depend on the final judiciary decrees or claims that have been deemed correct by the person who has undertaken the job.

15 Different contracts

Different contracts must be in writing in order for them to be valid. No oral waiver from the requirement of this letter is possible.

16 Place of execution, jurisdiction, regulation gaps, applicable laws, partial invalidity

16.1 Place of execution and jurisdiction is the place where office of the person who has undertaken the job is located .

16.2 Regulation gaps are covered reasonably with the regulation of applicable laws and with the most suitable determination in compliance with the purpose to the extent possible.

16.3 Law of that eountry where business place of the person who has undertaken the job is loeated will apply. For the purpose of cross-border shipments, CMR (international eontraet on transportation by roads ) determinations or Warsaw agreement IMontreal Convention will apply.

16.4 Invalidity of the individual determinations are not to be construed as total invalidity .

17 Minimum amount of shipment / additional fees

17.1 Employer is not subject to minimum amount of transportation and employer will not be subject to additional fees.

18 Termination time

18.1 Employer may always terminate the eontract 14 days before end of month. Termination should be done in writing.